Fine crusher

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Fine crusher is the latest development based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, which combined with domestic industry specific working conditions. It is used for a variety of medium hardness of solid materials in the cement industry, limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed material, etc. and also crush the calcium phosphate, dolomite, perlite mine. It can be widely used in building materials, refractory materials, mining and other industrial segment.
Fine crusher


Ring hammer crusher main working parts with a hammer (also known as the hammer) of the rotor. Rotor from the spindle, disk, pin and hammer. Motor drives the rotor rotating at high speed in the crushing cavity. Material from the upper mouth to feed into the machine, by the high velocity of the hammer blow, impact, shear, abrasive and grinding. The lower part of the rotor, with sieve, mesh size is less than crushing the grain discharged through the sieve, sieve size larger than the coarse sieve retention continue to be a hammer blow and grinding, and finally through the sieve from the plane.

Main features

1. The hammer head is designed of new technology. It is wear-resistant and impact resistant;
2. The granularity can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.
3.The body of the machine is of high structure, which solves dust pollution and ash leakage problems in crushing plant.
4. The overall design is of beautiful shape, compact structure, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance, which is the upgrading products.
5.Suitable for breaking brittle and middle hard materials with low water content


Hammer crusher is used for crushing all kinds of medium hard and abrasive weak material. The material does not exceed 100 mpa compressive strength, moisture content is less than 15%. Being broken material for coal, salt, Bai Ya, plaster, brick and tile, limestone, etc. Also used for broken fiber structure, strong elasticity and toughness of broken wood, paper, or broken asbestos cement waste to recycling asbestos fiber and so on.


Model Max feeding size Capacity(t/h) The grain-size




Overall dimensions
Clinker Limestone
PCX-860 < 80 15-20 20-25 3 45-55 1395*1513*1390
PCX-880 < 80 25-30 30-40 3 55-75 1395*1913*1370
PCX-890 < 100 40-45 45-50 3 75-90 1754*1906*1695
PCX-1010 < 150 50-60 60-70 3-5 90-110 2138*2510*2021
PCX-1012 < 200 60-80 70-90 3-5 110-132 2524*2780*2325
PCX-1212 < 200 60-100 70-110 3-5 160-180 2524*2930*2325
PCX-1400 < 200 70-150 70-160 5-8 250-280 2705*2984*2548
PCX-1600 < 200 100-210 110-260 5-8 320-400 2922*3564*2900
PCX-1800 < 200 120-270 130-310 5-10 400-500 3121*3754*3150